To Tame a Demon Lord

Countless stars twinkle in the void of space. The vast sum of which are simply lifeless searing balls, but amongst the many, there lay the vessels for life bearing worlds. Each world is a fruit, ripe for the plucking by the ever reaching claw of Ruin. His insatiable hunger for dominence over the universe goes unfulfilled, and with infinite stars for him to devour, his feast is without end.

Smoldering ruins dot the expanse of the cosmos. Once rich with life, culture and history, these unfortunate worlds are now ruins overrun with the mad, the corrupted, and the enslaved. Now they serve as the breeding grounds for the void master himself. Demons from every nightmare imaginable, pour forth from these ruined worlds to do their masters bidding. The greatest of these demons rise out from the hordes of chaos. These demon lords are Ruin’s champions, who spread his seeds of corruption across the galaxy, bringing world after world to their knees. One such demon whose desire for destruction lauds above them all stands on the brink of his own demise: Rack.
Rack is a seed of destruction. A tiny demon lord whose influence on a world will slowly drag it into a singularity of pain, only to burst forth in a final moment of glorious destruction. Rack leaves no enslaved ruins, or homes for demon spawning; only asteroid fields, and cratered moons. For this, he is loathed by his master more than any other demon lord.
Rack is given one last chance. One small world must be brought to its knees, and turned over to Ruin’s ever devouring maw. Failure will end in Rack being cast into the void for eternity. As Rack is teleported across the infinite span of space and time, he knows he has no intention of obeying his master.